Back To The Start

I snapped this photo a few days ago while enjoying a weekend excursion with family in Birch Bay, Washington State. I couldn’t avoid the feeling of deja vu and realized I’d taken a picture from this same vantage point a more »

Back In The Game

The 2018 World Cup of Football (soccer) has certainly lived up to its reputation, with exciting games and amazing upsets. The last game takes place on July 15 and promises to be a memorable finale. This tournament takes place every more »

Writing Retreat

As I mentioned in my last post, earlier this month I had a unique opportunity to devote six full days to writing. Essentially, I made this my personal writing retreat, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because more »

No Excuses

One of the challenges I encounter when it comes to writing is finding sufficient time to do just that: write. My day job keeps me busy Monday to Friday on a nine to five routine. And I refuse to sacrifice more »

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