No Excuses

One of the challenges I encounter when it comes to writing is finding sufficient time to do just that: write. My day job keeps me busy Monday to Friday on a nine to five routine. And I refuse to sacrifice quality time with my wife and our children – I’m well aware those are moments I’ll never get back, so I do my best to cherish each one.

The result is that I usually end up carving out a couple hours over the weekend dedicated to writing. It’s not ideal, but I try not to make excuses, focussing instead on working with the time I’ve got.

That’s why I’m excited about an upcoming week in May which will provide a unique opportunity to have a lot more time for writing. For five days I’ll be doing a nine to five routine, but instead of working at my day job, I’ll be working on revisions with my manuscript. I very rarely get this opportunity and I intend to make the most of it. No excuses!

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